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LSV Community Garden

If you are interested in participating and being involved in the Community Garden, please contact Katie Lane at

The Ladysmith Village Community Garden was established in 2011 and currently has twenty one (21) raised beds. This year you will have the opportunity to participate in community shared plots or individual plots. The community shared plots offer the benefits to those that may or may not have a green thumb by working together. Individual plots will be maintained independently.

Reap the benefits of participating in the Community Garden:

Physical and mental health

Health Statistics: Planting burns 177 calories, Weeding burns 157, Digging burns 199

Community Quality of Life by providing a way for members to connect in a meaningful way, stimulates social interaction, and inter-generational exposure.

Financial Benefits: Saves on grocery bills

If you are interested in joining the Community Garden, please RSVP and select 1/2 plots ($20) or full size plot ($35). 

For more information feel free to contact Katie Lane, Community Manager at katie.lane@fsresidential.com or 804-448-9956.