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Landscape Committee/Schedule

Azalea Park

Ladysmith Village Landscape 

 The Board of Directors invites applications from residents of Ladysmith Village who are interested in volunteering on the Landscape Committee. Below are some sample tasks of a Landscape Committee.

  • Providing the Board with recommendations for specifications and scope of services for grounds management, maintenance, and enhancements.
  • Providing the Board with recommendations regarding policy for use of the common grounds which are owned and maintained by the Association.
  • Providing the Board with recommendations regarding common grounds rules and regulations.
  • Providing the Board with recommendations regarding common ground improvements, enhancements and maintenance specifications.
  • Providing the Board with recommendations regarding the maintenance, improvement, and development on common grounds during the preparation of the annual budget.

Click here for Committee Application and Charters. If you have any questions please contact Katie Lane at 804-448-9956 or Lifestyle Director at 804-448-1014.

Landscape Management Services Schedule


Basic Services                                                                                            Annual Frequency

Spring Clean Up                                                                                         1x; early Spring

Application of Horticultural Oil                                                              1x; early Spring

Mulch Application                                                                                    1x; early Spring

Fertilization of Ornamental Trees and Shrubs                                      1x; early Spring

Pre-emergent Turf Weed Control                                                            3x; Spring, late Spring, September

Post-emergent Turf Weed Control                                                          2x, Spring

Mowing and Trimming of Turf Grass                                                     7-10 day intervals (April-September)

Mowing and Trimming of Bermuda Grass                                            2x per week (April- September)

Edging of Turf Grass Along Hard Surfaces                                           with alternate mowing services

Weed Control on Hard Surfaces                                                              as needed

Pruning and/ or Shearing of Ornamental Shrubs                                 3x; June, August, September

Pruning of Ornamental Trees                                                                  1x; dormant season

Insect Control for Ornamental Trees and Shrubs                                 as needed

Weed Control for Ornamental Beds and Tree Rings                           as needed

Soil Test                                                                                                      1x

Fertilization of Bermuda Turf Areas                                                      2x; late Spring- Mid Summer

Aeration of Accessible Turf Grass                                                         1x; late Summer or early Fall

Leaf Collection and Removal                                                                1x, early Spring

Walking Trails (Founders Trail/Beaver Trail)                                      3x per growing season

 All common area turf and street trees, to include easements (grass between sidewalk and street) is maintained by the Association. Townhome lawn care maintenance is included (fenced in rear yards are not included). All alley trees are to be maintained by adjacent homeowner.