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Pet Control & Care Reminders

A.        Dogs belonging to residents or their guests must be kept within an enclosure such as a fenced in back yard, or on a leash being held by a person capable of controlling the animal while it is being walked.  Leash length is limited to six feet.
B.        Defecation anywhere in the community must be immediately and properly disposed of by the owner of the animal.  This rule applies equally to defecation on the homeowner’s private property where it results in an interference with the neighbor’s right to enjoy his own property (i.e. Unsightly mess or objectionable odor is present).
C.        Pet owners shall be held responsible for any property damage or for any clean up costs resulting from the actions of their pet(s).
D.        Owners shall be held responsible for noise disturbances caused by their pet(s).  Pets with a propensity for making noise should be kept indoors when the owners are not home, and be brought inside whenever noise begins.
E.         Pets are not allowed in the tot lot areas.
F.         All animals in the community shall be subject to all County codes.
G.        No pet of any kind shall be permitted to run free within the community at any time.
Please see Ladysmith Community Associations Rules and Regulations as well as Caroline County's Animal Control Laws