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Property Maintenance Standards


Ladysmith Design Code

Property Maintenance Standards: A summary of the Property Maintenance Standards set forth in the Article VI of the Architectural Standards and Article II of the Landscape Standards – Private Spaces is set forth below:

 B.        All turf areas on a lot must be kept neatly mowed during the growing season.  Grass should not be permitted to exceed six (6) inches in height.

 C.        Turf areas and other vegetation should be watered during dry periods.  Any dead plants, shrubs or trees should be immediately removed.

D.        Turf areas should be kept as weed free as possible.  At no time should weed cover exceed more than twenty-five percent (25%) of the total turfed area.

 E.         No trash or debris may accumulate or be stored in a visible location on a lot.  Construction materials required for the improvement of a home or lot should be neatly stored in as unobtrusive a location on the lot as possible when not in use.

* Please remember to put your receptacles away after trash pick up on Wednesdays.

 F.         All hedges, trees and shrubs must be neatly trimmed and maintained and their size maintained in proportion to the lot and home through pruning.

 Declaration of Charter, Easements, Covenants and Restrictions for Residential Neighborhood

Article XI: 11.5 Pets

Each owner shall be held strictly responsible to immediately collect and properly dispose of waste and litter of his pets.

Thank you for continuing to keep Ladysmith Village a wonderful place to call home.