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HOA Reminders


The HOA would like to remind you of a few rules found in your HOA Documents that may be overlooked. 


Declaration Article XI: 11.5 Pets. Pets may be kept by an Owner of his parcel but only if such pets do not cause an unsafe condition or unreasonable disturbance or annoyance within the Neighborhood. 


Rules and Regulations IV: Pet Control and Care: A. Dogs belonging to residents or their quests must be kept within an enclosure such as a fence in back yard, or on a leash being held by a person capable of controlling the animal while being walked. Leash length is limited to six feet. F. All animals in the community shall be subject to all County codes.


Rules and Regulations VI. Parking. A. All parking spaces located in the Commons (except for those portions designated as Limited Common Area) shall be used by the Owners for self-service parking purposes on a “first come, first served” basis, except as the Board of Directors may otherwise determine. Only an Owner of a Lot containing a townhouse or a cluster unit may park in the Commons parking spaces adjacent to such townhouses or cluster units. The Board has the right to enact and enforce appropriate parking regulations for the parking spaces located in the Commons. If the Board of Directors assigns Commons parking spaces, anyone assigned a handicap accessible parking may be reassigned a different parking space to accommodate the needs of a handicapped occupant. 


Please be courteous to your neighbors and do not park in front of mailboxes as this causes their mail to be undeliverable.


Rules and Regulations VIII. Property Maintenance. C. All trash containers must be removed from view within 24 hours after pickup.


Violations have and will continue to be sent. We appreciate your attention, as we strive to continue to make Ladysmith Village a wonderful place to call home.


Community Association Documents can be found in the Document Library here on lifeinladysmith.com.