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Please RSVP to events, it helps with making sure we

have enough supplies for a craft, food for an event.

In order to not cancel an event we need a head count.

We thank you in advance.


will be served in the clubhouse

every Wednesday

from 12-5pm

Come pick up a bag

The Movie "HOME" has been rescheduled for

March 30th at 7pm

$2 per person

Happy Easter!

You can RSVP for the Breakfast and the Egg Hunt


Just the Egg Hunt

Each child needs 12 filled eggs dropped off at the clubhouse

Caroline County Schools are on Spring Break from April 2-9th

We will have a Cookie Bar at the clubhouse each day

stop by for a cookie

Crafts will also be scheduled during that week. Get the kids out of the house and come down for the following crafts:

April 2- Bead making 2pm

April 3- Painted Frames 4pm -supplies are limited to the first 15

April 4- Foam Sun Visors 11am- supplies are limited to the first 9

April 5th- Games 5 Second Rule Jr. 1pm

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